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From time to time we receive questions about our songs as well as other famous, and not so famous, train songs. So many so that I thought it would be good to share the answers with all of you! If you have any questions related to our songs, other train songs or artists, or train products you can't find, let us know and we'll try our best to help!

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"Daddy What's A Train?" - Lyrics & Music

Other Train CDs For Kids

"Smooth Operator" On CD?

"I Love Toy Trains" Songs On CD?

"My Lionel Train" On CD?

Sheet Music For James Coffey Songs?

Songs From "Big Machines" On CD?

Will James Coffey be performing in our area?


Our 5 year old is a huge fan of your music. We were at a train festival a couple weeks ago in Maine, where a bluegrass band was playing train songs and other music. I asked if they knew "Daddy What's a Train?" . They said no. However, when I told the musicians about your version, and that it was also done by Utah Phillips, they were interested in getting the music. I told them I would try to locate it for them. So far, no luck. Is there a place to obtain the sheet music to the song? BTW, just purchased your new CD -- My Mama was a Train.The title track is wonderful.

Thanks, Andrea L


Hi Andrea! Good to hear from you!

I know of 2 recordings that have it. Bruce "Utah" Phillips, who wrote the song, has recorded it on his CD "Good Though" and on a CD collection called "Classic Railroad Songs Volume 1: Steel Rails". And John Denver's CD "All Aboard" has a great version of it too. Utah has his own website

Here's a direct link to the words and some music.

The chords are fairly simple so once any musician hears it, they should figure it out in a few minutes. I'm surprised any group that sings train songs wouldn't know it!?

Anyway, thanks for listening. If you don't know about our new website ( please drop by.

Thanks again! Jim


NOTE: The railway festival is annual picnic for the Waterville, Wiscassett, Farmington Railway. ( Its a very small event, but, good for 5 year old boys.


Hi. I kept forgetting to write. I just wanted to tell you how much my son Shawn and I enjoyed your show at The Toy Train Museum in Strasburg, Pa. on Aug. 1st. All summer he looked forward to seeing you and he still talks about it.

I just looked up train songs on the internet, I'm looking for any other CD's with train music. Shawn sings along all the time. So thank you for a great performance, we really liked it!!

Mimi D


Hi Mimi,

You may already have these CDs but here are a few that I would recommend. John Denver's "All Aboard." Kevin Roth's "Train Tracks." He did the original song for the Shining Time Station. For something a little more traditional there are the CDs of Wayne Erbsen. He does lots of good traditional songs as well as folk stories about the railroad.

Thanks for coming to the concert. Hope to see you again.




Hi James,

My wife and I join our two young boys as fans of your music. Our 3 1/2 year old breaks into song--your songs--with great gusto and enthusiasm & our our 23 month old bounces with tremendous joy whenever he hears your music. Your work is fantastic...thank you.

We do want to know if the song "Smooth Operator" can be found on CD. We know if from the I Love Toy Trains video, but have found it to date on a CD.

Have we missed it?

With appreciation,

Steve L - Kent, CT

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My son loves "Come ride along with me!" He sings to it in the car. Is there another CD or tape by you that has songs that aren't on "Come ride along with me." My son's favorite video right now is I love Toy Trains, #5. I was hoping to find a CD/tape with these songs on it? If it doesn't exist, any plans for one in the future?

Thank you, Julie B

Answer: haven't missed it. I wish I had time to put ever song off the I Love videos on CD, but there are so many songs and not enough time.

Keep checking back though because one of these days I 'm certainly going to put out a "best of I Love Toy trains Music" CD. You can track our train CDs through our new website as well as through TM Books & Video. All of our CDs can be purchased through TM (1-800-892-2822) or at

Thanks for the email and keep listening!!


NOTE: You can find the lyrics to "Smooth Operator" as well as other "I Love Toy Trains" songs at If you don't see the one you need, just let me know!


Been watching the 2 part series of the Lionel Train 's 100th Annniversary on PBS. I'm a big fan and the shows begin and end with the "My Lionel Train" theme song. Is this available on cassette or CD?

Thank you for your co-operation, bb


The song is indeed available on CD/Cassette. Call TM Books & Video 1-800-892-2822. The CD is entitled "The Sounds of Lionel."


NOTE: Lyrics can be found at:


Dear Mr. Coffey,

My family & I truely love your music. My husband plays the guitar and we would love to get some sheet music to play the songs to our kids. Also are you going to be around Chicago anytime soon. We would love to see you.

You do an excellent jobs on the songs that go with the I love toy trains videos. Keep up the great work!!! WE LOVE IT!!!!

The Musillami Family


As far as sheet music it's something I've always planned on doing but haven't yet. If there are a few songs you'd like in lyric/guitar chord form, I'd be happy to send them along.

Thanks for listening and I hope somehow we can all get together soon.


NOTE: In the near future I will be doing a "I Love Toy Trains" CD as well as a songbook. Until then, I'll try to send chord charts to any one who request them. Just let me know!



we borrowed the "i love big machines 2" video from our local library. we LOVE the music. is it available on CD or tape?

thank you, shelley s.


The songs for any of the TM big machine or CAT videos are presently not on CD. When I do an "I Love Toy Trains" CD I will be including many of the big machine songs on that project. Stay tuned!



Hello, Jim

My 4-year-old son loves your music. So do we, of course! We would like to meet you in person and would love to hear you perform. Do you have plans to coming to San Francisco/Bay Area, CA? My son owns all the I love Toy Trains videos, music video and your Come Ride Along with Me cd. We just received the lyrics to this cd :) btw, the lyrics are for me. My son already knows all the words to your CRAw/M cd. We play this cd so much, we're almost sick of it. But not Tyler!

Take care, Jim

beni, Tyler's mom


Good to hear from you! As far as performing we have no plans right now to be in your area. However, we do travel all over the country performing and many of our performance opportunities arise out of our fans wanting us to come. We'd welcome any suggestions as far as museums or libraries that might welcome the idea of us coming the your area to perform.

We also realize that one cannot live on one CD least parents can' I should tell you we do have other CDs. Our second CD "Animal Groove" and our latest, which is also a train CD, entitled "My Mama Was A Train." It is being very well received by kids and parents alike. So when "Come Ride Along With Me' gets to you, you can now pop in the "Mama" CD.




NOTE: Check our concert calendar for updates on performnces in your area. CLICK